Gaming Video Card Gallery

Hey all, here is a sweet little gallery I have made up of graphic cards. I thought it would be pretty cool to just take a look at some of them, especially since a lot of us gamers have a clear tower set up where we can see the hardware inside.

GTX 950

The MSI manufacturing company is a great one that provides quality cards and other hardware. I buy from them a lot, but do not exclusively do so.

Gaming Video Card Gallery

Here is a close-up shot of one of the cards my colleague uses. I love seeing the little nodes on the card and knowing that they are processing so many pixels. Technology is fantastic.

MSI Graphic Card

This card, made by MSI, is the Twin Frozr. Notice how it has two fans. Not only does it look cool (especially when it is running in a clear computer case), but some models include two cards in one, so even stronger.

Graphic Card with Fan

This card is just a simple one but still, even the simple ones can do some power.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Graphic Card

I included this image because I admired the box design. While I do not have this exact model by GeForce, it would be pretty sick just to purchase it because that art is awesome. Not to mention the good power it holds, along with 4GB of video memory.

Gaming Video Card Gallery

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